Diving into the 2017 NCRD Pool-A-Thon!

It’s that time of year again for the annual fund drive for the North County Recreation District’s Pool-A-Thon.  With a long time history aimed at teaching youngsters how to swim and teaching community service early on at a grade-school level.

By Brian Cameron
For The North Coast Citizen

“Last year we brought in over $15,800 in immediate donations which served to keep the program afloat!”  NCRD Pool-A-Thon organizer Sue Dindia-Gray said.
Almost a century ago the tradition was started after a tragedy shocked the small rural Tillamook County community.  In the wake of two simultaneous drownings the town of Nehalem petitioned for an addition of a Natatorium to be added to the local public school, and though the nation was mired with the effects of the Great Depression they still pooled together enough resources to create a community owned swimming pool aimed at providing safe and proper swimming instruction to north Tillamook County youths.
Today the majority of swim lessons and water-safety courses have been taken over by the NCRD and their state of the art pool facility.  In order to provide this awesome service to children from not only Nehalem but the surrounding communities and school districts they have created the annual Pool-A-Thon.  A fundraising drive with a great purpose of sensible and safety oriented instruction.
This year expect to see numerous youngsters from January 20th through February 25th  out and about sourcing funds for this year’s Pool-A-Thon to further enable their swimming efforts.  Donors pledge funds at either a flat-rate or by distance the swimmer endures during the actual event.
On Saturday, February 18th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm the big event will happen where the youngsters can showcase their aquatic prowess and generate operational revenue for the program at the same time.  A week later all the participating swimmers get to enjoy a party to celebrate their hard earned accomplishments.
The Pool-A-Thon raises much needed revenue for the NCRD/Nehalem Elementary School Swim Instruction & Water Safety Awareness Program as all proceeds go into supporting the entire endeavor.
“The legacy of the 86 year old Nehalem Swim Program lives on!!”  Sue Dindia-Gray said in a thankful address to everyone involved with the previous year’s event.
For more information you can contact the pool directly at: 503-368-7121 or by calling Sue Dindia-Gray at: 503-368-6238.  Or you can simply donate to the cause by mailing any donation directly to: Pool-A-Thon 2017, PO Box 207, Nehalem OR 97131