Disgusted and confused

It is with disgust, confusion and a sense of injustice that I read the story about “Nehalem and the n-word. “
I feel disgust that one human being can treat another human being this way. We are all on this planet together. One person is not better than another. Does it make you who call people degrading epithets feel superior? Does it make you feel better than someone else? Is that why you say these things?
I also feel confused that there are people like this still in our country, still right here in our community. Why is this? Why don’t people learn to get along, to know each other for who we are? I am a child of the Sixties. I thought we had moved beyond racism and sexism. But evidence proves otherwise — especially lately.
And yes, injustice. It is unjust to be mean, demeaning and threatening to another human being. As a woman I have felt prejudice and injustice. It is because of our laws in this country that this treatment is illegal. And, I am glad for these laws. But there is also a higher calling to be good neighbors, to care about each other, to help each other, to be kind to each other. This is what raises us up. This is what makes us human beings. This is what works. This is what I believe in.
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. How would you feel? How would you feel if your husband, wife, son, daughter, son, mother or father were treated as some have treated Micah White?

Christine Decker Stone