County Commissioners voice dismay

We the Tillamook County Commissioners and Commissioner-elect David Yamamoto wish to voice our dismay about what happened leading up to the Mayor’s election in Nehalem as reported in the North Coast Citizen. The article dated Dec. 22 was titled: “Keep Nehalem, Nehalem… Nehalem and the n-word.”
We don’t know Micah White, who ran for the Mayor of Nehalem, nor do we know Steven Meadows, who used the n-word when referring to Mr. White.
What we do know is that Mr. Meadows’ comments exhibit racism that should not be tolerated in our wonderful county. Not liking Mr. White for whatever reason is not an excuse to use racist comments. We as a county are better than this. We believe Tillamook County is a great place to live, visit, raise our families and retire. What would the impact be if word got out that our county is a place where racism is tolerated? Please, if you hear somebody using the n-word or words of a similar connotation, or making racist jokes, let that person know you have no toleration for inappropriate behavior of this nature.
We, as a community, need to take a step back and examine our own comments and actions. It is so easy to say something that is hurtful to others without realizing the impact that we are having. Before making a comment or joke, please take a moment to think to yourself, “Is this how I would talk about my own child or loved one?” Then take another moment to ask yourself, “How would I feel if someone said this about me?”

Board of Commissioners for Tillamook County, Oregon
Mark Labhart, Chairperson
Bill Baertlein, Vice Chairperson
Tim Josi, Commissioner
David Yamamoto, Commissioner-elect