The Old Geezer: Look out! Here comes Christmas

As you get a little older, time seems to pass a lot faster than you could ever imagine. Still finding Easter eggs in the flower beds and now the guy in the red suit is coming our way.

Walt Trandum

Lots of memories of years when we had a house full of kids and then grandkids and the spare bedroom was where all the presents were stored. I suppose many families are going through that stage right now.

Brought out the box filled with all our holiday season items. Many of them were made by our kids and even my mother that hung on the tree or in the room that gave us the good seasons feelings that we always enjoyed. Crocheted snow flakes that my mom made by the hundreds. She did it all during the year and even when her arthritis was making her cry she kept doing it until she just couldn’t remember how.

I see some high tech Christmas lights and other items in the stores and I have to admit that I made a change in the routine this year. I was attempting to place the outside lights across the front and end of the house and found that just about every one of the dozens of strings of lights had problems. They were mostly the kind that when one light goes out the rest do the same, After a couple of hours of wresting with them I put them all in a big bag and put them in the recycling pile that will be taken care of later. Meanwhile I bought all new lights that promise to burn for years to come and are even guaranteed. My heirs will have to figure out when the warrantees run out. They will go along with the box of flashlight batteries I just bought that are good for twenty years.

So with the beautiful lights on the house and the sentimental objects around the house it is time to stop and think some good thoughts about how come we are still here. When you pass through your 80’s it starts to dawn on you that there are not that many people still around that you celebrated with over the years. I think back to the times when we took our gang over to my wife’s parents for Christmas eve. Her mother was not a very good cook but she never quit trying. She would fix a turkey for the evening meal and always asked me to do the carving. The poor bird would be sitting t here with the legs in the air and the wings burned off. She said that she heard that cooking them with high heat would seal in the flavor. Somehow I would chop it all up so we could eat it along with a very small dish of gravy that had a questionable history. After many years I convinced Grandma that perhaps she should fix a ham and then we could have turkey at our house the next day and that is the way it was until we moved to Oregon.

Over the years I found myself wearing Santa’s red suit at various meetings and even in the work place. Putting on that costume was the smallest part of playing the role. The real fun was seeing the smiles when others looked up to see who was ringing the bells and if it was a kids event the look of wonder on the faces of those cute little ones. I did have my beard pulled and even had an accident in my lap that slowed down the proceedings. I always remember the kid who looked me right in the eye and said that he happened to know that I was really Tom’s dad but he wasn’t going to let any of the others know.

Yep, Christmas is right around the corner and I can tell you for sure that it will be something that will never be duplicated in the future and those memories you share will always be with you