Merry Christmas and a different New Year!

With old age creeping up on me I have decided that maybe I should shake up my routine way of living and look for new experiences. Many of those opportunities are close to home so my success with the venture might have a chance to succeed.

The Old Geezer
By Walt Tradum

Every day things include driving the same routes through town or on the way to cities that are not too far away. I would guess that there are probably some streets in our little village that I have not driven for many years. I know there are a lot of people I have never met. I do see new faces at the Post Office and some look pretty intense. I usually offer a “Good Morning” and sometimes they act a bit startled before offering a like greeting in return. Mentioning the weather is a pretty safe subject and no matter what we are experiencing there doesn’t seem to be anyone to blame.
Once in awhile I do have people mention they have read one of my columns and evidently didn’t offend them. Some even mention they enjoy what they read and that kind of makes my day.
We have some really good restaurants in our area and I know that I haven’t tried all of them. I did go into one that always looks busy and had a fine breakfast. I didn’t see anyone in there that I knew but one thing that impressed me was that all the men in the crowd were eating with their hats on. I am not being critical. it just looked interesting to me. Just for the heck of it I started looking to see how many were eating in other places with their hats in place and found out that I was actually in a minority. Guess I can blame my dear old mom who even made us wash our hands before coming to the table and there was never a hat that I can remember.
Maybe the hat thing is during the day and the evening meals are a bit more formal. Having lost my understanding for the value of money I kind of suffer a bit of sticker shock when I look at the menu. I can remember when we could buy a milk shake for twenty cents and a malted milk was a nickel more. They go for three dollars or more these days but I know some places where they make them good and you even get the over flow that wouldn’t fit in the glass.
So I am going to pursue this exploration of the local scene and maybe even keep a log on what I observe. My stint with the city government a few years ago made me aware of various improvements that happened while I was involved. I found them repairing a water line that was brand new a few years ago.
In my exploring the area I am impressed with the sheer beauty that we enjoy with our green forests and views of the ocean and rivers. I know there are people who feel that we should never cut down another tree. However, some times they out grow their area and have to be cut back, but believe me they will always rebound. In our part of the world we are a giant tree farm and the good thing is that they are a renewable resource. I have hunted and fished in the back country for the past thirty years and can remember the clear cuts that opened up large areas. Those were the places where the game animals got their food and raised their young. I go back to those same places today and there are thirty foot trees that are close to being logged again. In some areas that have huge trees that are dieng from old age. We planted several trees in our yard when we built our house over 30 years ago. Those trees are now nearly thirty feet high and may be a bit dangerous in the future.
Lots to see and enjoy in our area and hope everyone takes advantage of the pleasure that is available. Enjoy yourself and your neighbors and be thankful that you came to this place we all call home. Watching the winter scene in Portland on television reminds us why we came here in the first place. Happy New Year and lets keep doing good things and enjoying our wonderful lives!