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Lt. McCraw’s update: Care Warming Center open

The Tillamook Warming Center will be open tonight (Monday, Dec. 5) due to the snow showers expected.

Lt. Gordon McCraw
Lt. Gordon McCraw

By Lt. Gordon McCraw
Emergency Management Director
Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office

The center is located at 5th and Miller Streets in Tillamook. The open hours are from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. Please post this opening and share with anyone you know that could benefit from a safe place to stay tonight.


You would think it is winter out there.  We have a Winter Weather Advisory until 3am tomorrow for the Coast Range and there is accumulating snow and ice being reported in the passes below 600’ with snow visible at the Lee’s Camp store on the page, and, snow was even reported at the airport overnight.

High temperatures the next few days will remain in the low 40s with nighttime lows staying in the low 30s except Thursday when the low will possibly dip close to the upper 20s.

We continue to have rain and rainshowers moving through the area with the snow level at 500-1000’ except lower in the heavier showers, and we also have another cold front, pulling more Arctic Air down across the area from the northwest with the parent low pressure area west of the Vancouver Island area moving southeastward towards SW Washington and NW Oregon.

This will keep showers in the forecast through tonight and a slight chance of snow showers  through late tonight, only a slight chance early tomorrow morning. This also means more accumulating snow and icy road conditions remaining over the Coast Range Passes through tomorrow morning also.


Tomorrow the winds shift more easterly which will start to dry things out, and drops the nighttime temperatures down to around 30 into Wednesday morning under mostly clear skies, the high only making it to around 40. There will still likely be some icy spots on Hwy 6.

Wednesday another front is forecasted which is likely to cause major travel issues from the Coast Range eastward with the cold air still in place which could equal a big snow event for the valley, giving up to several inches of snow to the Portland area along with a chance of freezing rain, and, the snow will be measured in feet for the Cascades. Currently, west of the Coast Range is expected to be to warm for snow by this time.

We can expect more rain Thursday with breezy conditions then showers Friday and Saturday. If you are planning to travel through the Gorge area Friday, the forecast there is for more snow, transitioning to freezing rain before turning back over to all rain that evening.

The only other concern is the Wednesday/Thursday rain event could cause some flooding concerns for the Coast Range rivers, including those in Tillamook County so we will need to monitor future forecasts for updates in this area.


Every year, dozens of Americans die due to exposure to cold. Add to that number, vehicle accidents and fatalities, fires due to dangerous use of heaters and other winter fatalities and you have a significant threat.

Threats, such as hypothermia and frostbite, can lead to loss of fingers and toes or cause permanent kidney, pancreas and liver injury and even death. You must properly prepare to avoid these extreme dangers.  You also need to know what to do if you see these threats.

  • A winter storm can last for several days and be accompanied by high winds, freezing rain, and sleet, heavy snowfall and cold temperatures.
  • People can become trapped at home or in a car, without utilities or other assistance.
  • Attempting to walk for help in a winter storm can be a deadly decision.
  • Extremely cold temperatures, heavy snow, and coastal flooding can cause hazardous conditions and hidden problems.