Letter to the Editor: Garibaldi Museum thanks community

Dear Tillamook County,

As the 2016 season closes for the Garibaldi Museum, I would like to take some time to reflect on what a great year we have had.

The Garibaldi Museum is a small nonprofit museum in a small community. Like many nonprofits these days we are not immune to funding issues, building needs, and economical down turns. There are days when it seems like the challenges are many, and then there are days like today – when I think of how proud I am able to manage such a great gift like Garibaldi Museum.

This feeling of being proud to receive such a gift comes from the community, the partnerships we have established, the generosity of our patrons and business partners, a hard working board, dedicated volunteers, and the vision of our museum founders.

The Garibaldi Museum takes pride in supporting our community. We were able to fund a few educational projects this year due to the support the community has given us. We were able to let school groups in free of charge. This support comes from people like you who recognize the museum is a great asset to the community.

Support not only comes from raising funds, but the local businesses that send people to our doors, and the people who tell their friends and family about how great the museum is. Support comes from the board members who spend endless hours making sure that we are on the right path and the volunteers who stop in to see what we need. When these volunteers offer their time you know that the love of the museum comes from the community. Two such people I would like to thank at this time: Mark and Judy Riggs. They volunteered to be our Mr. and Mrs. Santa this year at our open house. When I saw a little girl’s face light up when she saw Santa, I said to myself, “I believe!” I believe that the challenges are worth it, I believe in our community as a whole, I believe in our partnerships!

Thank you Tillamook County!

Happy Holidays

Anna Rzuczek
Garibaldi Museum Manager