Wyden, Schrader buck Trump trend in county

While Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Tillamook County by more than 700 votes, the trend fell short when it came to the races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives seats.

By Brad Mosher
[email protected]

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden

Incumbents Ron Wyden and Kurt Schrader, both democrats serving Tillamook County, won re-election handily, in the county and in Oregon. Wyden finished with more than a million votes statewide, easily beating Republican challenger Mark Callahan by more then 400,000 votes statewide in the senate race.

In Tillamook County, Wyden had the most votes by more than 2,000 (7,110 to 5,062).

Schrader had a similar margin for his Oregon 5th District seat, winning

U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader
U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader

re-election by a 7,097 to 5,571 edge in the county.

Trump had a 6,486 to 5,701 edge in Tillamook County voting, even though he lost the vote to Clinton statewide.

It was a pattern for most of the state races in Tillamook County.

Dennis Richardson became the first republican in more than a decade to win a state office when he defeated democrat Brad Avakian by more than 80,000 votes (825,111 to 743,714). Richardson also won the Tillamook County portion of the race with 6,759 votes. Avakian finished with 5,029 votes in the county

In other statewide ballots, Republican challenger Bud Pierce won Tillamook County by nearly a 500-vote margin over incumbent Governor Kate Brown, a democrat. She still won the election statewide.

In the race for state treasurer, republican Jeff Gudman won the county by a 700-vote margin, ahead of Tobias Read, a democrat. However, Read was ahead when all the Oregon counties were counted by 744,448 to 709,423 margin.

In the race for state attorney general, democrat Ellen Roseblum won both the county and the state Tuesday. She had 6,451 votes in Tillamook to beat republican Daniel Crowe (5,907).

In the battle for the state senate’s 5th district seat, incumbent Arnie Roblan was behind republican challenger Dick Anderson among Tillamook County voters. Anderson, the former mayor of Lincoln City, had a 2,292 to 1,902 edge over Roblan. However, with the rest of the district voters, Roblan had a narrow 29,931 to 29,637 edge.

Although republican Thomas Donohue built up a 2,236 to 2,026 edge in Tillamook County in the battle for the 10th District seat held by democrat David Gomberg, the rest of the district gave Gomberg a 17,188 to 13,309 edge to easily return him to Salem.

Incumbent Deborah Boone, a democrat, had a big edge in the race for her 32nd District seat, beating Bobek by a 5,033 to 3,555 margin in Tillamook County and 18,003 to Bobek’s 13,762 district-wide.

Editor’s note: Unofficial results are still being calculated, at time of this writing.


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