Lt. Gordon’s update: Supermoon, high tides and dining for a cause

The cold front moved through overnight and now we have cooler, unstable air moving in over the region that will bring rainshowers and possibly even some thunderstorms today and tonight.

Lt. Gordon McCraw
Lt. Gordon McCraw

By Lt. Gordon McCraw
Emergency Management Director
Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office

This is also pulling the snow level down to give the Cascade Passes its first significant snow of the season, possible 3-7” today through tomorrow. For us the cold, unstable upper level air will linger so look for more showers with only a slight chance of any thunderstorms tomorrow, mainly over the coastal waters.

Thursday the activity becomes more widely scattered as a weak ridge of high pressure tries to build over the area. All this will lead to some cold nighttime temperature with the lows Wednesday into the upper 30s and Thursday into the mid 30s, which could give some of the more protected areas a bit of frost. This means it is time to protect the more sensitive plants, at least for those two nights.

Friday clouds increase with the next system which will also push in more rain Friday and Saturday then another system Sunday brings more rain into Monday. Temperatures over the weekend warm back into the mid 50s for highs, and lows into the mid to upper 40s.


I guess I should also mention that with the supermoon event we are also having some of the highest tides of the year.

With these astronomically high tides we often see some minor flooding associated with the coastal rivers. Yesterday I saw standing water in the right hand lanes in parts of North Main in TIllamook, and I am sure that we were at or near similar in areas like Fraser and Tillamook River Rd.

Today we experience the highest tides, a 10.1’ at 12:43pm (Garibaldi Tides) and again at 1:59am at 8.3.  Tomorrow’s highest is a 9.9 at 1:30pm. With the recent weather, tide anomalies continue to be a little higher also.  Use caution when driving in areas that generally get tidal overflow during high tide periods the next couple days.

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