Year of Wellness final 2016 challenge targets teens

The Tillamook County Year of Wellness (YOW) fourth quarter challenge is focused on local youth and will feature programs in Tillamook County’s three high schools.

By YOW staff

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Research shows that nutrition and physical activity play significant roles in student learning, achievement and self-esteem. Beginning healthy habits early increases the likelihood they will become lifelong habits. Many educational and inspiring activities are planned during the 10-week challenge, which began Oct. 1, to encourage high school students to participate, begin and continue a path to a healthy lifestyle.

During this 10-week challenge, be sure to check in with the YOW Teen Challenge Facebook page and other social media. Teens will have the chance to participate in extra challenges relating to the subject of the week and to enter drawings for incentives.

Teen Challenge Activities
  • Week One: Introduction & Instruction Week
    Kick Off Assembly & Registration
    Monday: Definition of Wellness: The Challenge Begins
    Tuesday: Sleep
    Wednesday: Drinks & Snacks
    Thursday: Healthy Mind/Healthy Relationships & Purpose
    Friday: Drugs & Alcohol
  • Week Two: Be Honest: Smart Goals & Creating Baseline
    Students will set their own goals and their own baselines for: Movement, Sleep, Drinks & Food, Screen Time & Substance Usage.
  • Week Three: Fueling Up … Choosing Wisely
    Choosing healthy foods and substituting water for sugared beverages.
  • Week Four: The Big Five – What’s the Big Deal About Vegetables?
    Incorporating vegetables into everyday life by choosing them for meals and snacks.
  • Week Five: Move It!
    Ideas and ways to increase physical activity and movement.
  • Week Six: Unplugged!
    How much screen time vs how much activity time? Balancing “sitting time” with “moving time.”
  • Week Seven: Sleep! Close Your Eyes & Refuel
    The Importance of sleep.
  • Week Eight: Gotta Talk about it…Substance use
    Smoking, drinking and doing drugs can affect people’s lives. Is your life affected?
  • Week Nine: Mind, Relationships & Purpose
    Feelings & emotions; healthy friendships and relationships; healthy self-esteem.
  • Week 10: Wellness Changes I Have Made
    Summary and wrap-up/review of the weekly topics.

Parents and families of teens are encouraged to participate in the program too. Look for information to be posted at the YOW Teen Challenge Facebook page:, or on the YOW website at

For more information or any questions about the YOW Teen Challenge, contact Shelley Hurliman, Teen Challenge project coordinator at, or 503-812-5469.

In related news, if you haven’t taken the YOW 10-minute survey to share how YOW can help you, you can do so here. After you complete it, you will have a chance to win a Fitbit. Entries must be completed by Oct. 7. One entry per person.

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