Tornado aftermath: drone flight scheduled, map posted, victim assistance

Tornado clean-up progress as posted on the Manzanita City Hall website:

Aerial documentation flight
The City and Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue will conduct a drone flight within the next few days over the area of the City hit by the tornado.  The flight is weather-dependent.  The flight in part will be used for documentation for any financial assistance grants or loans the City for which the City applies.

The City completed removal of trees and woody debris from the public rights-of-way on Sunday.  The American Red Cross completed a damage assessment of the 128 homes that were damaged in any observable way by the tornado and wind storm.  Electric power has been restored to most buildings by Tillamook PUD. However, several homes will require an electrician to be hired to reinstall the meter box and mast before a new service drop can be reinstalled by Tillamook PUD.  Private efforts have been started to raise money for persons whose property was damaged during the storm.

Debris removal
Please see the letter from CARTM which describes what debris may to taken there.  It is expected that most property owners will cover the costs of debris removal through their homeowners insurance.  The City is looking into options for those property owners who may not be able to afford to deal with the debris.

Insurance issues
It is expected that most property owners are dealing with cleanup and repairs through their homeowner’s insurance or commercial business insurance.  If property owners are concerned about how their insurance company is dealing with their issues, they may call the Oregon Insurance Commissioner’s office Consumer Advocacy Team at 1-888-877-4894 for information and advice.

In addition, Kevin Jefferies, Liaison to the Oregon Insurance Commissioner’s office will be at Manzanita City Hall on Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm to answer questions from Manzanita property owners.

If you are looking for help in repairing your home or business, please see the list of building contractors in Tillamook County.

Tornado Damage
Map showing damaged homes

Manzanita City Hall has a map posted on its website showing which homes were damaged in the Oct. 14 tornado. Image provided

Manzanita Tornado Relief
Information, resources and to donate to relief efforts
Manzanita Tornado Relief Facebook Page

Send donations to:
Fulcrum Community Resources/Manzanita Tornado Relief
PO Box 44
Manzanita, OR 97130


September 3, 2015


(Update: 6/9/16 Notice of ballot title for referendum)

At the November, 2016 General Election, Manzanita voters will decide whether or not to prohibit all marijuana sales and processing businesses within the City limits of Manzanita. The 2015 Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 3400, which in part provides a means for local governments to prohibit the sale and processing of marijuana within the City limits with approval of its voters.  City Council adopted Ordinance No. 15-05 at its August meeting

In November of 2014, Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 91.  The City of Manzanita is wholly within the Pine Grove precinct for purposes of State elections.  For City elections, Manzanita voters can be separated out, but then the ballots are combined with other Pine Grove precinct ballots for tallying any county or statewide elections.  The vote on Measure 91 in the Pine Grove precinct was 637 Yes to 361 No (An additional 12 voters eligible to vote on the Measure turned in ballots but did not vote on this measure.)  In the same election, 367 Manzanita voters turned in ballots, although only 279 voted for Council candidates in this uncontested election.  The County Clerk advises that there is no way to go back and determine what the vote was on Measure 91 within the City of Manzanita.  It is possible that the measure was defeated within the City but was approved when mixed in with the other Pine Grove precinct voters.  The measure might have passed in Manzanita, but it is impossible to know for sure.

House Bill 3400 also had an exemption for medical marijuana dispensaries that were in business or in the process of being registered by July 15, 2015.  Oregon Coast Cannabis in Manzanita fits into that exemption and is allowed to be a medical marijuana dispensary regardless of the outcome of the vote in November of 2016.  Oregon Coast Cannabis is located on Highway 101 in the building formerly occupied by the Great Northern Garlic Company.  As authorized by another State law, Senate Bill 460, medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed to sell limited recreational marijuana product beginning on October 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2016.

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