Fire Mountain’s annual poinsettia and greens sale

It’s time for Fire Mountain School’s annual Poinsettia and Greens Sale. Available items include poinsettias, wreaths, garland and other evergreen forms.

poinsettia-plantsThe poinsettias come in red, white, marble or pink in either a 6” pot with one stem and a crown about 1 foot in diameter or an 8” pot with 3 stems and a crown of about 2 feet.  The wreaths and other forms are made of cedar, noble fir, ponderosa pine cones and juniper with silver blue berries and the garlands are made of western red cedar.

The order deadline for these high quality and beautiful holiday decorations is Wednesday, Oct. 26 and delivery will be Friday, Nov. 18.  Payment is collected at delivery.  To order or for specific prices and for more information, please call Julie Chick (503-368-5193).

Fire Mountain School

All proceeds benefit the Fire Mountain School in Falcon Cove whose mission is to nurture each child by providing a joyful place based learning experience.

For more information about Fire Mountain School’s vision and enrollment please visit our website: