City deals with issues after tornado

Submitted by Manzanita City Manager Jerry Taylor.

STORM DEBRIS The City of Manzanita is waiting to see the response from private homeowners’ insurance programs before proceeding with further cleanup of storm debris.  At a special Council meeting last Wednesday morning, the City Council heard that several property owners had apparently engaged contractors to clean up their yard and were taking away the debris on their own.  The City had already spent about $35,000 to remove debris from the City rights-of-way, and the Council saw how many property owners were accepting the responsibility of dealing with the debris on their own properties.  The decision was made to wait and see how much debris remains after a few weeks before possibly making any further plans.

HAZARDOUS WASTE  For homeowners needing to dispose of hazardous waste, Tillamook County and CARTM are holding a special hazardous waste collection event at CARTM on Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 10am to 2pm.  Please check the Solid Waste Administration page on the Tillamook County website for information on what materials can be turned in at no cost.

ASBESTOS ISSUES  If you are anticipating the need to tear down your house or building, please remember that DEQ rules require that an asbestos inspection report be prepared by an accredited inspector and that any asbestos or other hazardous material be removed from the building before demolition and disposal.  More information on this requirement is on the DEQ website.

UNSEEN DAMAGE Owners of homes in the tornado path and even outside the tornado path are encouraged to check their attics to make sure that no damage has occured to the house.  Doors that are now sticking may also be a symptom of foundation damage, and it is suggested that homeowners have the house foundations checked as well.  The City has been informed of damage to houses that did not appear to be damaged from the outside.

TREE REMOVAL  The City does not require permits for removal of trees damaged by the tornado and wind storm.  However, if a property owner wishes to cut down other healthy trees, a tree cutting permit should be obtained from City Hall.  If all of the trees on a lot are to be cut, a tree replacement plan is required.

Most laws stay in force even after a disaster.  The City reminds everyone to stay informed on these requirements to avoid further headaches.




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