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Success Stories: A Trusted Friend: Stratos Wealth Partners is pursuing success one investor at a time

It’s always nice to have a trusted friend “in the business” and certainly many folks here in Tillamook over the past 13 years can identify with that as they have interacted with local financial advisor, Ted Erickson during his 14 years at the TLC.  During his tenure at the TLC Federal Credit Union, Ted was instrumental in starting and administering their investment division which served the needs of many in our area.

Now, Ted along with Val Braun, have branched out on their own and have aligned with the nationally recognized professional financial planning firm of Stratos Wealth Partners to form their own investment firm that is process driven, not product focused.
Specializing in Income Distribution, Estate and Retirement Planning, coupled with the latest in financial technology tools, such as Wealth Vision, Riskalyze and Account View, to assist his clients, Ted is now able to bring a whole new and enhanced level of services to individuals who are thinking about their families financial futures.
In 1930 the average life expectancy was 58.1 years for men and 61.6 years for women.  By 2014, life expectancies had increased to 76.4 years for men and 81.2 years for women (Source: Center for Disease Control’s National Vital Statistic Report, 2015).  Can your current financial plan carry you through your retirement?
Having been in the financial planning business since 1992, Ted brings almost 25 years of expertise based on the rock solid belief of trust with his clients.  Simply put, Ted shared that, “Trust is built on keeping your word and not making promises you can’t keep.”  Ted feels he has built a reputation in our community over the years based on being transparent, persevering, and exhibiting moral and ethical principles to all he has come into contact with.
According to Ted, “Reputation and credibility is given by others and you just can’t give yourself a good reputation.  That status is given by others when they say positive things about you and the work you have done for and with them.”
At his new business, Ted continues to bring the enhanced services locals expect in a financial advisor who is also their neighbor.  That includes: meeting and speaking with you on a regular basis, a strong willingness to understand your goals and assist you in meeting them, offering a straight forward and understandable answer to your questions, and revisiting your portfolios with routine checkups.  If your current advisor is not performing these tasks with you, then it’s time to ask why not.










When asked what other factors are involved in today’s more complex world and an individual seeks financial advice, Ted stated that a person needs to seek an advisor with the CFP® designation. This is the only financial credential that enjoys trademark protection and requires its certificants to adhere to a fiduciary code of ethics.  This distinction, he stated, requires that an advisor who carries these credentials is to act in the best interests of his clients at all times.
Certainly holding this certification may add to the credibility of Ted and his business, but we asked “what are some of the other things that people need to be aware of that sets his office apart.”  He added, “That he knows the local community and he works with his clients to discover their personal risk tolerance in addition to their individual and family comfort levels, as well as his ability to design individual portfolios and the affordability of his services.”
Financial planning is often perceived as a service reserved only for the wealthy.  “Not so”, according to Ted.  People who do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings need financial guidance from time to time and don’t have enough money to meet some of the minimum asset requirements set by some financial advisors. Ted offers a simple strategy to those by offering two levels of compensation for his services: one is fee based relative to the AUM (Assets Under Management) and the other is an hourly rate for consulting. Bottom line, not everyone needs a full financial plan right away in life. Even if it’s just a small lifetime event that pops up, where you think that advice from a financial planner might be helpful, Ted, Val and their staff are ready to help you with answers to your questions in a simple, easy to comprehend and straightforward manner.
Whatever the case, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes for a free, no obligation call and get some independent, objective financial advice from a person you have known for years and will strive to make you feel comfortable no matter what your question.
The bottom line is that the many of American families and individuals do not have any type of comprehensive financial plan in place and certainly wish when that moment in time arrives, they had.  That’s why it is so great to have Ted Erickson and his staff in Tillamook…neighbors with the expertise you may need.
You can reach Ted and his staff at Stratos Wealth Partners NW with two office locations:
2505 Main Ave. N, Ste. D, Tillamook, OR  97141 Tel: 503-354-5136
20 Basin St.  Ste. 103, Astoria OR 97103 Tel: 503-741-3005.
Both offices can be reached toll free at 1-844-427-3494

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC.  Investment advice offered through Stratos Wealth Partners, LTD., a registered investment advisor. Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd. and Stratos Wealth Partners NW are separate entities from LPL Financial.

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