Things are happening both good and bad!

Having experienced more election years than most of the people on earth it is possible for me to evaluate what I see happening.

The Old Geezer
Walt Trandum

Walt Trandum
Walt Trandum

Disgust is the word that comes to mind first and I have to think back to the real communicators that we have had over the years. Being a gracious man or woman were always a necessity for them to realize any success. None of them ever claimed to have all the answers and our system has held us together and made us a leader in the world. Blowing one’s own horn doesn’t make for good decisions and peace in the world.

Enough on politics and more about some concerns I am living with on a daily basis. My wife and partner for the past 65 years is receiving Hospice care and I am facing life without her. I guess I am experiencing that already with her inability to communicate. I am told that she is not experiencing any pain and that nature is taking it’s course. Still a horrible thing to witness and the end seems to be out there but hard to find.

One fortunate thing about all these problems is seeing our children rallying to give us much needed support. Fortunately two of them have worked as professional care givers and their expertise is wonderful to witness. I spend part of every day trying to think back about the good things that we have experienced over the years. The nice people we have met and the good times we had with them. Many of them are still in touch and have shared their concern and love for my partner.

My advice for just about everyone is to never take things for granted. There are always bumps in the road and lots of things that can happen when you find out you are not always in control. My best outlet over the years has always been helping others including those with sight and or hearing problems. At one time I was Chairman of the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. From a small organization put together to allow the individual Clubs to pool their resources it is now a leader in providing everything from glasses and or hearing aids to surgery if no other means are available. Just yesterday a Hospice Nurse who also works as a School Nurse told me how wonderful it was when a student needed eye surgery and the Lions provided the testing but went on to pay for the operation.

There are some wonderful organizations and individuals who give of themselves year in and year out and we forget to give them the credit they deserve. Right now there are terrible storms and earthquakes happening all over the world and we see the emergency response people coming to the aid of those who have been injured and even killed.

We need to work with others preparing ourselves and our communities for possible emergency situations that are happening each and every day. I remember when there was some opposition to the forming of our local Fire and Rescue organization. Those who didn’t think it was necessary should find themselves making that 911 call and then seeing an ambulance in their driveway in just a few minutes. This time turned out to not being a life or death situation but the assistance was needed and the deed was done.

While it is hard to believe the elections will be here and that will stop a lot of the vicious chatter that is happening and we will probably survive as a nation. We can get back to some positive ideas to give us all the break we need. I guess the largest lesson in life is to never take things for granted and try to remember that everything has to end some time. Meanwhile be nice to yourself and all the people you meet and your life will be complete.