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Rally to stop toxic spraying near Oswald State Park

Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection (RBCWP) will be leading a coalition of conservation groups in a rally and educational event at Oswald West State Park, 11 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 24.

RBCWP’s Nancy Webster said the forest surrounding Oswald State Park and Short Sands Beach has been extensive clearcut and will soon be sprayed with a mix of toxic chemicals. They said these chemicals will drift into the park and wash directly into the streams flowing to Short Sands beach.


“Weyerhaeuser has clearcut 80 parcels of forestland in Oregon’s north coast, including several that border Oswald West State Park, Arch Cape and Neahkahnie Mountain,” according to a press released issued by RBCWP.

Webster added the group is leading a coalition of conservation groups calling on legislators in Salem to reform Oregon’s “outdated logging laws, the weakest on the West Coast,” and calling on Oregon State Parks to notify the public anytime they may be exposed to toxic herbicides while surfing, swimming, fishing, or hiking in the parks.

Organizers said Saturday’s event will be the kick-off campaign to inform state park visitors about “risk to chemical exposure, and work with Oregon’s leaders to notify the public and reform antiquated timber policy.”