Letter to the Editor

It is not often that a member of our community retires with such an outstanding list of accomplishments. But Tim VonSeggern, born and raised in Astoria, retired in April 2016, having served a wide range of fellow citizens spanning from Portland to the Oregon coast!

Tim has been married to his wife Cammie for thirty years and they have two children, Jeremy and Melissa. Other members of his very close knit family include his brother, Scoot, and his tow supportive parents – long-time residents of our community – Jim and Claudia VonSeggern.

Tim began his career as a paramedic, but his ambition and desire to serve others led him to become a firefighter, captain of a fire boat, harbor pilot captain and the project manager for the tow primary fire boats that patrol the area from Portland to the mouth of the Columbia River. In all, Tim completed 30 years of service to the City of Portland.

Fellow employees and subordinates would describe him as demonstrating an incredible work ethic and embodying traits such as honesty, confidence, resourcefulness and fairness. Throughout his career, Tim has shown the determination to attack problems, learn new strategies and techniques for solving problems and has demonstrated a willingness to share what he has learned with others. He is an individual committed to hard work and serving others.

With such a multitude of skills and wealth of knowledge, Tim hopes to continue to be involved in his community, while spending more time with his family fishing, hunting, working on his property in Nehalem and remodeling a hose with room to house a boat and room for friends and family to enjoy the coast that he so loves.

Tim is wished the very best of luck by family, friends and co-workers alike.

-JoAnn Demattos
Modesto, CA