The Old Geezer – Looking at the good side!

Walt Trandum
Walt Trandum

With all the problems in the news, people get pretty gloomy and finding something to be thankful for is a good source of relief. With the television and the internet there are many places to look on the international level, but right here at home we have some nice things happening.

The other day I was driving up the hill and I saw a worker with a weed eater climbing up the road. I slowed down and stopped as I got close to him. He looked kind of sober when I greeted him and I proceeded to tell him how nice the area around our city welcome sign down on the highway looks after he mowed all the weeds and grass. He then got a little smile and said that it was all hard work, but he agreed it sure made things look good.

I remember one day when a worker was painting our Post Office and he was doing the trim around the doors and windows. I told him that he was doing the most important part of that paint job and he quickly agreed. No matter how fresh the newly painted building looks, the trim is what sets if off. The painter even smiled and told me he appreciated my remarks.

The other day I saw some people cleaning the sides of the highway on both ends of our town. Picking up litter is very necessary as long as we have a part of our population who choose to throw things out their car windows. Our Rockaway Lions Club takes care of the area north of the city and through the rest of the town. Many times students from the High School give us a hand. Any time you see folks working the sides of the road feel free to give them a little horn toot and a thumbs up. That all makes the job a little easier.

I heard another story about one of my son’s experience a few years ago while driving a van full of challenged individuals in heavy traffic. Everything was bogged down and it was obvious that a lane change was necessary. Next to the van was a commercial vehicle and the driver very graciously held back so the change could be accomplished. With traffic seesawing stop and go, the commercial vehicle ended up in front of the van and my son observed a slogan on the truck that read “How’s my driving give us a call!” That was followed with a telephone number. Being impressed with the courtesy the driver demonstrated my son noted the number..

Later that day he made the call and told the person answering that he was calling in response to the sign on the back of the truck. The answering person came back with “what did he do this time?” When he was told that he was calling to compliment the driver, the fellow wouldn’t believe what he was hearing. He went on to say that he could not recall ever being told that they had done something nice.

As I am writing this little message I checked my email and found the following from my daughter who works in Portland at the Dockside Saloon and Restaurant as a server.

“Sharing something good…This morning a nice 30 something young man was eating breakfast at the Dockside. On the other end of the restaurant we had a customer celebrating her 80th Birthday with family and about eight friends. The young man asked for their bill and paid in full along with a generous tip. I asked him if he knew them and his reply, no I don’t, but with all the trouble and bad news we hear about everyday, I just felt like doing something nice”…
There are still a lot of good people in the world, but not enough of them make headlines. Let us all keep on trying!