September named Preparedness Month

The Emergency Volunteer Corps (EVC) proclaimed September as Nehalem Bay Preparedness Month to raise awareness and help locals increase their emergency preparedness above levels demonstrated in a 2015 EVC survey.


EVC reported less than 15 percent of the 446 area households responding to the community-wide survey said they were “well prepared” to deal with a disaster. Most in Nehalem Bay said they were “somewhat prepared” and knew they need to do more, while 25 percent reported they are “not prepared.”

In an effort to fulfill its education and training mission, the EVC has scheduled a number of events for September to build basic preparedness. The goal is to help residents create individual family plans ahead of time and assemble three-day Go Bags for home and cars.

“All of us here in the Nehalem Bay area are subject to a variety of disasters every year,” said EVC President Linda Kozlowski. “These can include winter storms, power outages, flooding and landslides, such as Wheeler experienced last December. There could also be home or wildfires.

Concern about tsunamis has intensified in recent months.

“Scientists have recently reported that the chance of a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami happening has increased to over 33 percent in the next 50 years,” Kozlowski added.

Community disaster-related events planned for September include:

Sept. 15: Go Bay Training Class at the Pine Grove

Sept. 16: EVC Info. Booth at Manzanita Farmers’ Market

Sept. 23-25: CERT Training Class

Sept. 30: American Red Cross “Out Loud” Class at the Pine Grove

Details about these events, plus other emergency preparedness information, is available on the EVC website — — and on Facebook at evcnb.

“Individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses need to be self-sufficient and resilient in any emergency,” Kozlowski said. “EVC has trained volunteers ready to respond, but building a really ready community requires everybody, not just EVC members, working together so more of us will consider ourselves well prepared.”