Riprap appeals end, but not the battle

The appeal of a controversial riprap decision was removed from the Rockaway Beach City Council agenda before its Aug. 10 meeting in City Hall.


However, the problem is still confronting the city with pending legal action by homeowner Tai Dang.
The appeal was removed from the agenda because the fees were not paid to cover it, according to John Putman, the city attorney.

The actual riprap request was made as an effort to halt or slow the erosion that was wiping away the sand in front of Dang’s house on Pacific Street. In the past, a barrier built from driftwood had been erected to slow the erosion, but over time even that was washed away.

One of the original proposals was to build a revetment or protective wall 14 feet high and approximately 80 feet long.

After originally being approved by the city, the riprap request was revisited by then-city planner Jay Sennewald and then denied. That started the appeals process for Dang, who lives in Hillsboro.
The request for riprap drew a strong response from Dang’s neighbors, who fought against his request at numerous hearings because of the way it would impact their property.