Beaver Artwork wanted for August 2017 Art Show

The Lower Nehalem Watershed Council is partnering with The Wetlands Conservancy to host a Beaver Art Exhibit and Sale at the North County Recreation District in Nehalem during the month of August 2017 as part of a number of exhibits around the state.


The Wetlands Conservancy’s Beaver Lodge advisory group has planned several art exhibits throughout the state featuring Northwest artists, roughly in conjunction with International Beaver Day, April 7, 2017. Beaver, our beloved state animal, is woefully misunderstood and blamed for dam building, flooding and munching on plants. In fact, Oregon beaver, nearly extirpated by trappers by 1900, create wetlands, spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead, habitat for insects, birds and amphibians and create pools that keep water clean and moderate fluctuations in water flow. They are nature’s hydrologists.


There is a slow but growing appreciation and recognition of the positive benefits that beaver play in Oregon. It is time for more Oregonians to know about and celebrate our state mammal. Art exhibits are a great way to raise the profile of beaver, wetlands and Oregon artists. There is limited art depicting beaver and their wetland and stream habitats. The beaver art exhibits are a fun way to celebrate beaver, wetlands and Oregon artists.  The planning is well underway, and will include exhibits at several locations large and small around the state in 2017, kicking off in February with a reception, exhibit and sale at Oregon State University’s LaSells-Stewart Center. Other exhibits and events will be held in Lake Oswego, Seaside, and at the Oregon Zoo.


August 1, 2017 begins a month-long display and sale of beaver-themed art at the North County Recreation District, a gallery located in the Nehalem. The show will be co-hosted by the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the preservation, protection and enhancement of the Lower Nehalem Watershed. An opening reception, presentations, and tours are also being planned. A percentage of the sale will help support the conservation activities of The Wetlands Conservancy and Lower Nehalem Watershed Council.


The project sponsors are seeking artwork of all kinds; photographs, paintings, prints, cards, quilts, etc. that depict beaver and wetland habitat. They can be in any style – realistic, abstract, whimsical, collage, etc. Three-dimensional pieces could be ceramic, wood, fiber art, or other media. Artists can choose to sell or display their work. Interested artists should contact Sara Vickerman by email at or by phone: (503) 936-4284 for more information or to register.