POLICE ATTACKS: Oregon reaction


We are saddened by the horrific events that transpired in Dallas yesterday evening resulting in the deaths of Officer Brent Thompson, Officer Patrick Zamrippa, Officer Michael Krol, Officer Michael Smith, and one more officer who has not yet been publicly identified. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these slain police officers from the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department.

We also extend our strong concern and unqualified support for the fellow officers and policing leaders from both agencies who now grieve this tragic loss. We understand the risks and challenges faced by law enforcement officers on a daily basis and we laud the bravery and integrity of officers in Dallas who responded to yesterday’s attack. In the face of an ambush and unknown assailants, police officers in Dallas continued to protect citizens at great risk to their own lives. These officers were simply doing their jobs by protecting a peaceful demonstration when they were viciously attacked. These events sadly illustrate the challenges that law enforcement face each and every day. Yesterday, these officers left home to make their communities safer and sadly will never return to their loved ones.

These tragic events have deeply affected the law enforcement profession. All Oregon law enforcement officers took an oath to safeguard the citizens of the communities they serve. They are true professionals who will remain vigilant in keeping our communities and their fellow officers safe! We want to thank Oregonians for taking time to express their support for our brave police officers here and around the nation.

We are very aware of the current tensions that exist between police and some members of our communities and we remain resolute in our commitment to continue to build trust and ensure that public confidence in Oregon policing remains strong. As incidents of violence ripple across our nation, we will not be divided or defeated. Our hearts are steeled with a resolve to police justly and thoroughly, remembering both the officers who’ve gone before us and the good people who depend upon us to step into the gap. We want to thank the citizens of Oregon for working with us in partnership and unity to keep our communities safe. We are all stronger as we work together for a safer Oregon.

We are asking all sworn officers in Oregon to wear their mourning bands on their badges from now until the day of the funeral(s) of the fallen officers, in honor of the lives lost in Dallas.