Nedonna Beach sets guided ecological tour

Join the Friends of Nedonna Marsh for a guided ecological tour of Nedonna Marsh and learn about our work to keep this area wild. This is an intact remnant of the original native coast. Within this area is a native salt water marsh, a spruce/willow wetlands, and a dune area with many native plants. Coyotes, river otters, deer, and other wildlife make this area home and migratory birds use it to rest and refuel. Two salmon-bearing streams, Jetty Creek and McMillan Creek, flow through this estuary and into Nehalem Bay.


The marsh is privately owned and in danger of being developed. If this happens, Oregon will lose this special place forever.

What will you do on this tour?

  • You will walk the edges of a salt marsh that is replenished twice a day as Oregon’s coast tides rise and fall four to ten feet. This tide flow allows delicate ecosystems such as salt marshes, some of the most biologically productive ecosystems on earth, to exist. Marshes supply food and refuge for a myriad of species, provide a home for fish, and filter pollutants.
  • You will walk through a wetland Sitka spruce and willow forest where land based and water based ecosystems overlap. Here, where the waters are temporary or intermittent, you will observe vegetation adapted to this region.
  • You will walk the Nehalem Bay Jetty and gaze across the mouth of Nehalem Bay and see the ocean. Here you will quite possibly see birds, seals, river otters and other animal life.
  • You will have several ecological guides explaining the uniqueness of this place.

You can help to see that Nedonna Marsh remains a naturally free and wild space.


Directions: Meet at the parking area that is at the intersection of Beach Ave. and Section Line Rd. in the Nedonna Beach neighborhood that is north of the City of Rockaway Beach. To get to this parking lot, turn west off of Highway 101 at the sign for the Manhattan Beach Wayside. (This exit off of Highway 101 is about a quarter mile north of Neah-Kah-Nie High which itself is two miles north of the City of Rockaway Beach city hall.) After exiting Highway 101, proceed straight west on Beach Ave. (Do not turn south into the Manhattan Beach Wayside.) Follow Beach Ave. west and then north for almost a mile until you get to Section Line Rd., which is as far north as you can drive. The parking lot will be on your left.


Sponsors: Lower Nehalem Community Trust, Lower Nehalem Watershed Council, Friends of Nedonna Marsh, and Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection.


Contact Information: E-mail or call 503-355-2516

Learn more at our website:

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The event will begin at the Nedonna Beach area of Rockaway Beach on Saturday, July 30th, at 10 a.m. The walk will take approximately two hours and will have an easy difficulty.