Rockaway Beach Little Store

The Rockaway Beach Little Store is run by the Mills family and they are phenomenal. I go there to mostly get my milk and snacks but have gone for groceries like rice, eggs, and bread. Their food is fresh, reasonable priced, and the store is well maintained. They are constantly asking my opinion on how they can better serve the community.

They have good business practices. For example, a kid came in yesterday and told the owners that when he bought an item for $2.50 yesterday he was short changed by $15 (he had paid with a $20 bill). The owner started to count his till until he said “you know what, I’m just going to give you the benefit of the doubt” and he handed over the $15 no questions asked.

I also heard they offered to deliver groceries to a local elderly woman who did not have a ride to the store. Every time I go in they are super positive and frequently ask my opinion on what the store can do to make it better for the residents. They also offered to take suggestions on items I would buy from them and then stock those items.

They are good for our community and they are interested in helping make it a better place to shop. If you haven’t done an article on them please do. I will give a testimonial. I don’t just want this local, family business to survive I want them to thrive!



Alice Jeffers

Rockaway Beach