Parkside Coffee House owners expanding to full blown restaurant and loun

By Joe Warren

Kellie Smith, owner of Parkside Cafe and Coffee House in Garibaldi has always kept an eye on business expansion and diversification. She has operated the restaurant and coffee house for the past five years in the city where Tillamook Bay meets the Pacific Ocean but has always looked for opportunities to grow her enterprises.

Parkside Rest
Smith along with her husband Blair, have purchased and totally remodeled the restaurant next door to her coffee house and they are planning a opening date for Wednesday June 15, ready for the busy Summer season and travelers on Hwy 101.
Smith also plans to keep the Parkside Cafe and Coffee House open while expanding the menu options next door and adding in a lounge with patio seating.
Kellie is excited for this new venture, because she’s built up quite a local following and has always involved members of her family to help out, but most important she will be able to serve her customers better — an important part of Smith’s business plan and something she treasures.
“First and foremost we would like to thank our loyal customers for giving us the opportunity to serve them through the years in our tiny Parkside Coffee House with all of five tables,” she said. “It was very cozy.”
But with Smith always looking for ways to expand, she talked Blair into taking the plunge and the couple purchased a full sized restaurant where she could better serve the community.
“We will continue to serve you in our much larger restaurant and lounge” she said. “We will have a larger menu suss as prime rib every Friday and a large selection of steak, seafood and salads.”
But just because her business is growing, doesn’t mean you should not expect the same great freshly prepared menu options.
“We will continue to prepare as much homemade food as possible,” she said. “All of our pastries and our triple-layer cake and home baked pies will still be on the new menu, but we will have the room to do even more.”
In 2010 Smith started Pacific Edge Espresso and a month later she purchased another drive-through coffee shop in Tillamook but that wasn’t enough.
“I told my husband Blair that ‘I think I want to try a cafe and we ran the three businesses for years,'” she said. “I fell in love with cooking, making coffee and putting smiles on my customers faces and decided to size down a bit, but that didn’t last long.”
After purchasing the little cafe, Smith’s sister Carol Halvorsen came on board to help out and they have been cooking ever since.
“I have to say, Carol is the best cook and pre-baker,” Smith said. “It’s so nice to see people enjoying the things we are doing.”
Along with Smith’s sister, she has her mother, Carol Wismer, they call the ‘preppie girl’ helping out and said her father is the food critic and taste tester. The rest of the family helps out as well especially with the expansion and remodel going on next door, but Smith is quick to  point out that she picked the fixtures, furniture and colors of the new restaurant.
Smith used all local vendors to remodel the restaurant and lounge as well, giving back to the community who has supported her over the years.
“I want to shout out a special thank you to JLT Construction, Christensen’s Plumbing, Rosenberg Builders Supply Dave Kloaten All Star Appliance, and all of our wonderful vendors who helped out” She said. “I believe we we have selected a great group of professionals to help us with this and we have a great staff as well.”
In all Smith employs about 25 people between the businesses.
“It’s been a great five years at Parkside Cafe but it was time to expand,” She said reminiscently. “I believe Parkside Restaruant and Lounge will be a great asset to Garibaldi which Blair and I are very fond of.”
Parkside Cafe and Coffee House is located at 235 Garibaldi Ave. open from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the new Parkside Restaurant and Lounge will be open June 15. It’s hours will be 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. for dining and the lounge will be open from 7 p.m. to midnight.