CARTM announces recycling line makeover and rate news

Colorful, creative and inspiring continue to be the buzz words for CARTM in Manzanita.   The newly upgraded recycling line uses color as the guide for local recyclers.


“We wanted to streamline the system for sorting recyclable materials, grouping them by raw material and color coding, ” said Karen Reddick-Yurka, CARTM’s executive director. “We are getting great feedback about how it is working—in fact, people love it!”

Recyclers will find the line now organized by red for metals, yellow for plastics, blue for paper and green for glass. All signage is now bigger, bolder and bilingual to serve a diverse community.

CARTM continues to accept over 40 different materials for recycling—more than any other recycling facility within two counties. The acceptance of such a wide variety of materials and the ease of sorting has helped to keep 1,196 tons out of the landfill.

Those who choose to throw waste in the landfill will now pay a $6.50 minimum fee ($0.055/pound or $110/ton) starting July 1. Rate increases are set each year by Tillamook County and go into effect at the beginning of the county’s fiscal year.

“CARTM continues to operate the Manzanita transfer station for the County,” said Reddick-Yurka. “It is one of the trio of services we offer along with recycling and reuse.”

The Refindery, the unique and popular retail store showcasing donated, reusable merchandise for sale at CARTM, is now open five days a week, Thursday through Monday, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. These expanded summer hours will be in effect through Labor Day.

“We want feedback about how the community likes our new recycling line,” Karen continued, “We hope to see the color coding wherever we recycle in Tillamook County.”

Comments may be sent to or call 503-368-7764.