The 2016 Manzanita Open Tournament Results

The weekend of May 11, 12, & 13 was a success in spite of the rainy day on Saturday. There were just under 500 golfers for the 3 day weekend. Everyone arrived, played, had fun, and left with a smile on their face (even if a bit wet).

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.43.18 PM

Everyone playing golf was given a hat as they arrived. The hats were donated by RTI.

All of the games, putting & chipping contests, raffles, silent auction, and food court were run by the

Eugene Schmuck Foundation Volunteers with almost everything being donated.

The money gathered by the sponsors, donations, and all the Tournament activities will be used for

North Coast Charities such as Scholarships for Neah-Kah-Nie High School Seniors, Neah-Ka-Nie High

School Athletics, Food Bank, Hospice, Meals for Seniors, NCRD, and ever so many other charities. A

large portion of the greens fees is also being donated. The final tally will not be available for a while

but we anticipate a very successful outcome.

This year all of the pictures can be seen by opening Facebook under the title of “Eugene Schmuck


Winners in the Men’s division were: T Tymer, C Angelo, G Serria, & J Karas with a score of 26 (6

under par).

Winners in the Women’s Division were: D. Butter, S. Moran, M. Garin, & S.Stennick with a score of


Winners of the Mixed Division were: The Spady 4-some with a score of 30.

Winners of the Senior Men’s Division were: B. Jager, L. Paluck, B. Thompson, & M. Maginnis with a

score of 30.

Special thanks go out to all the Volunteers, Donators, & Sponsors that made the Manzanita Open such a

resounding success.