Sedona Fire Band at NCRD

The Sedona Fire Band, a local, seven member eclectic fusion of World, Folk, Rock and Blues, will present a Family Concert on Sunday, June 5 at 2 p.m. at the newly renovated theater at NCRD on 9th street in Nehalem. The group of diverse talents, personalities and ages that makes up the band considers itself a chosen family and wants to share their love of music with your family.

Chuck, Carl and Guitars

And at this event a father gets to cross an item off his “bucket list”—that of playing on stage with one of his sons. Chuck McLaughlin, who will turn 88 a few days after the concert, will get to perform with his son, Carl McLaughlin, a singer/songwriter guitarist who was a member of the Northwest bands Snake Eyes and Whiskey Stik in the 70’s and 80’s. The performance will include two of Carl’s original songs that will be played by the whole band for the first time in public.


Chuck’s wife Barbara, who plays bass and drums in the band, was excited to help make this father’s dream a reality. The spark that ignited the idea for the concert then caught Fire by including other band members’ relatives or hidden talents to create unique presentations by the following band members.


Sedona Kelly Torres, co-founder and leader of the band, who normally sings and plays flute, harp and percussion instruments, will be playing the conga for the first time.


Enya Torres Ling, Sedona’s 12 year old daughter, will be performing as well.  Enya has been playing percussion with the band since last fall and will make her second appearance on stage at this concert.  She made her debut with the band last September at the annual Labor Day Picnic hosted by the Manzanita Deli and Grocery.


And Enya’s father, John Ling, who plays rhythm and bass guitar, will be accompanying his daughter and the rest of the band for part of the set.  He is really enjoying seeing Enya flourish as the latest member of the percussion section of her mom’s band.  John and Sedona created music together in a band in the late 90’s called Atomic Soul.


Michael Dinan, guitarist and vocalist, is the other co-founder of the band and he will be incorporating some of the flavor of the world music with the didgeridoo and mandolin, instruments he doesn’t usually play in a performance.


Bob LaTorre and Renee Delight LaTorre have been with the Sedona Fire Band from the beginning and play cornet and cello, respectively.   They will be featured in two of Bob’s original compositions which will be debuted at this concert.


And at the afternoon event the band will honor family members who have passed away including one of the original members, bass player and vocalist, Eric Lindahl.


The Sedona Fire Band evolved from the musical journey of Michael and Sedona who first started singing and songwriting in 2010. They created Sanskrit and sound healing pieces through a harmonic duo called Ghanta Vajra, and then extended their repertoire to create Sedona Fire.  Michael and Sedona will give the concert audience a taste of these musical origins.


As time went on, the music became contagious and the duo expanded their musical family and formed the Sedona Fire Band.  The band rehearses together at least once a week and the band mates have come to enjoy an enriched, dynamic relationship with each other that is filled with fun, music and love.


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We have lots of fresh, invigorating music that we are looking forward to sharing with you!  So bring your family to the Sedona Fire Band Family concert at the NCRD Performing Arts Center on Sunday, June 5 at 2 p.m. Admission is $10. Children 12 and under are free.