Nehalem Bay Fire District scores high ratings

Starting July 1, many Nehalem Bay area property owners will start to see lower property insurance rates thanks to an improved classification of the Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue District. Fire Chief Perry Sherbaugh announced that he recently received notification from the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that the “public protection class rating” for the NBFRD has been significantly improved.

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The rating for property within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant is now class 3, formerly class 5. Property more than 1000 feet from a hydrant is now class 4, formerly class 6. Sherbaugh noted that only properties located within five miles of a NBFRD station have received the new ratings. He also cautioned that not all insurance companies use ISO ratings as a factor in determining rates.


Amounts of deductions, if any, depend on the particular insurance companies and types of coverage a homeowner has chosen.  In a quick check with three homeowners, it was found that one property with a new 4 rating received a $117 premium reduction; another property in a new 3 rating zone received a more than $500 annual reduction; and a third property in a new 3 zone received no reduction. Changes, if any, are likely to be put into effect when the next premium is due on a given property.


ISO is an organization that evaluates and rates fire departments on their capabilities. The evaluations are rigorous, touching on all aspects of preparedness, including hands-on firefighter exercises. Higher ratings are a direct result of the past few years of concentrated efforts to upgrade facilities, services and firefighter training.


All residential or business owners whose property is served by the NBFRD are encouraged to contact their insurance companies to find out how the new ISO ratings affect their Insurance premiums. If proof of the rating change is needed, copies of the ISO notification letter may be obtained from the NBFRD office or online at