18th Trash Show

“Trash Art” is the moniker that stuck 18 years ago when this unique show was first birthed at CARTM. In those days, the “trash” artwork, made with all recycled materials, was hung in close proximity to the trash and sometimes it was hard to tell the difference. Now, in its 18th year—Trash Art has found its home, its fans and its creators. The art made with upcycled, repurposed, re-use creativity shows beautifully in a real gallery, with real lighting awaiting the walls and gardens of the those who come to purchase these unique pieces.

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The annual show opens at the NCRD Gallery, 36155 9th Street in Nehalem on Friday, May 13 and runs through Sunday, May 15.

“NCRD has been central to our community since its origins as a school,” said lead show organizer Carl Vandervoort. “The opening of the gallery 12 years ago has added a formal exhibition space for art to all the ways NCRD builds community: public pool and fitness spaces, class rooms for pre-school and adult classes, the newly restored theater and affordable event and meeting venues. Having CARTM’s annual celebration of re-use and art fits right in to the cultural mix of this special local resource.”

The annual show opens with a ticketed preview and celebration with the artists on Friday night from 5 – 7 p.m.. The $25 advance purchase ticket includes snacks and beverages, mingling with the artists and first chance to purchase the unique creations made with all recycled materials. A few tickets are still available at the Refindery cashier at CARTM, Thursday and Friday during open hours.

The Trash Art Show continues it run, free and open to the public, Saturday, May 14, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Sunday, May 15, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The show is an all-volunteer effort. The 2016 Trash Art Show is produced by a team of four who makes sure the art gets in the door and hung in visually interesting ways, puts on a great party with the artists and takes care of sales.

“The idea of an activist board of directors really resonates with me,” said Vandervoort, CARTM Board member and lead producer of the Trash Art Show, “that CARTM can make use of the resources and skills board members bring to the table. In my case, eight years on the Sitka Art Invitational committee and “hanging crew” makes it easy to visualize interesting ways to present the results of our community’s amazing artistic “re-use” ideas. I tend to think of planning and bringing off the Trash Art Show as building rather than organizing, and we have a very talented and experience team of builders.


The Trash Art Show team includes Susan Walsh, CARTM board member along with Deb DeWit, Claudia Johnson and CARTM executive director Karen Reddick-Yurka.

The Trash Art Show is a beloved tradition on the North Coast and creative fundraiser for CARTM—a unique trio of services: reuse, refuse and recycling. CARTM accepts over 40 different materials for recycling at no charge and is home to the inspiring and creative reuse mecca, The Refindery.

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