Newly renovated Performing Arts Center opens at North County Recreation District

By Sierra Gjerde

Thanks to a great deal of effort from countless members of this incredible community and from the contributions of travelers, the North County Recreation District Performing Arts Center is open and operational. For the last 5 years we have been undergoing various stages of renovations. The most recent phase was freshly completed to reveal a leading edge Performing Arts Center. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors, sponsors as well as the TLT Grant Program. This project would not have been possible without your generosity and inspiration.

201604 PAC Final

The season began with a wonderful performance by the North Coast Symphony. With the community in attendance, they honored our new stage with a great display of local music. This showcase a great example of our regions artistic drive and young talent. This took place on Friday April 1 and we were able to get through the entire evening without any mishaps or mischievous doings on April Fools’ Day. The following day we presented the official Grand Re-opening of the space, starting the afternoon out with more local music by The Tsunami Drummers and The Rhythm Methods. This got the crowd bobbing their heads and even got a few up on their feet breaking in the newly carpeted dance space.

The rest of the evening was spent with presentations. One given by The Riverbend Players updating us all on what to look forward to with the oncoming season. We also saw a presentation from the Performing Arts Center Manager who took the time to thank all those who have contributed to the renovations and to show pictures of the process. This time was also utilized to update those in attendance on the upcoming performances and opportunities for participation. The evening ended kids from NCRD Youth Programs presenting a small snippet from their upcoming production of Robin Hood.

With all this great entertainment, the stars of this show were the brand new seats. With great comfort and class, everyone was quiet comfortable throughout the afternoon.  If you haven’t had the chance to see our fresh venue, visit for more information on upcoming events and opportunities for participation. Thank you again for all of the wonderful support everyone has provided to North County Recreation District throughout this transformational process.

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