Chiropractic care now available in Manzanita from Dr. Heidi Olejnik at Oregon Coast Chiropractic

Seeking specialized health care options, such as hands-on chiropractic manipulation, often had North Tillamook County residents trekking 25 miles north or south, or even 100 miles to the valley for a provider. Not any more …

Dr. Heidi Olejnik

Dr. Heidi Olejnik is sharing office space in Manzanita at 60 Laneda Ave., Suite 201, and is available for appointments on Sundays and Monday, twice per month. With online scheduling at, it’s easy and convenient to set up an appointment.
Dr. Heidi Olejnik has been treating patients at Portland Chiropractic Clinic since 2012, and in late 2015 Dr. Samantha Mathers presented her with the opportunity to bring her practice part-time to the North Oregon Coast. “I’ve loved the Oregon Coast since childhood and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to provide care to local residents and visitors, and to be a part of this wonderful community,” commented Dr. Olejnik. “My main focus is to work with my patients to first alleviate pain and improve function in a natural, individualized and empowering way.”
Dr. Heidi (as she’s known to her patients) specializes in treating the whole family, all ages, with a biomechanical approach that is matched to each person’s needs. “We work together to remove the barriers, get them feeling better, and empower patients so they can have the tools to maintain their own health,” explained Dr. Heidi. She continued, “I strive to strike a balance with patients to find what works best for them. Doing adjustments gives us a great window of opportunity to work toward optimal health, especially when combined with exercises, stretches, and other tips to get the maximum benefit.” Dr. Heidi provides diversified chiropractic manipulation and a variety of soft tissue therapies.
She has specialized training in the care of motor vehicle accident victims, including craniosacral therapy and whiplash and brain traumatology. Her chiropractic practice is about more than just the spine, she has a passion for treating extremities – shoulders, ankles, hips, and jaw issues. Dr. Heidi takes time to listen, educate and develop long-term, caring relationships with her patients.
According to Maria M., “Dr. Heidi Olejnik is a one-of-a-kind chiropractor. Her compassion speaks volumes, her understanding of the body and the way joints and muscles move is exceptional, her personality is warm and she is an amazing listener. I came to Dr. Heidi because I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my shoulder – she knew just what to do and I left feeling significantly improved. After my second treatment, the problem resolved completely. I recommend Dr. Heidi to anyone looking for an amazing chiropractor who understands that each patient is different and will look at them with fresh eyes every time.”
Dr. Heidi is available to see patients every other Sunday and Monday in Manzanita. Visit www. for more information and scheduling, or call 971-704- 2408. Dr. Heidi provides high quality care, tailored to each patient’s unique needs, and gives patients the support to maintain their own optimal health. Now available to North Oregon Coast residents and visitors.