Support Our Y campaign

The YMCA is one week in to its annual Support Our Y campaign. The goal is to raise $80,000 to offset the operational deficit of the Y.

According to the Y CEO and Executive Director Kaylan Sisco “The Y is a big operation, last year it cost $1.3 Million to operate, our revenue was $1.2 Million, we are working hard to become sustainable, and we are heading in the right direction.”

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In the revenue breakdown, $600,000 is generated from YMCA memberships, $200,000 by from programming. The rest must come from grants and donations.

“We are operating pretty lean, the staff team is working very hard to provide the best service possible.”

The Y is unique in that it offers scholarships to Tillamook County Community Members so no one is turned away, regardless of inability to pay.

“We give away over $250,000 in scholarships every year,” added Sisco, “in reality that is a loss of revenue, which creates a deficit. We rely on the community to support the Y so that the Y can support the community, we are all in this together. I get to hear amazing stories everyday of how the Y has been a part of someone’s life. This community is so supportive and giving, it’s truly amazing.”

The Support Our Y campaign started February 23 and runs through March 18. A main event that was added for this year is the “Hour of Power.” In this event, YMCA staff have committed to complete one activity as many times as they can in one hour, raising pledges for support. The Hour of Power is on Saturday March 12 at 5 p.m., everyone is welcome to attend the event. Pledges will be accepted up until the event starts.

Donations to the Support Our Y Campaign can be made at the Y or online at

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