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Success Stories: Bring your event to Rockaway Beach in style

The City of Rockaway Beach has cooked up something special they hope will bring even more people to the community – a multi-use facility capable of holding public and private events. It recently got an upgrade which will allow caterers to cook for the meet­ings and events onsite.


It even has added a dash of history to the decor.

“Many people want to get mar­ried on the beach,” said Terri Michel, Rockaway Beach’s City Recorder. “This will give them a convenient place for a reception.”

If you do not need to rent the entire facility, or need privacy and want to break into groups, the room has a divider to handle smaller set­tings.

With the use of more Tillamook Lodgers Tax (TLT) funds, the City of Rocka­way Beach is taking advantage of getting the word out about the facility running ads through Tillamook Coast Market­ing and in magazines like Portland Monthly.

The facility was built in 2006 when the new City Hall building was constructed, but according to city manager Lars Gare, they are upgrading the kitchen so caterers can cook and provide food and they have added the historic bar-back from Harold’s Club, a turn-of-the-century solid oak Bruns­wick Blake collection piece of furniture that sits against the east wall to add elegance to your venue.


“We left the origi­nal mirror because it makes it look very vintage,” Gare said. “This was donated by James Nemish, the owner of Herald’s Club where the bar back was used for many years. It really adds to the facility, it’s a part of Rockaway Beach history.”

Gare said the facility can host up to 150 people with ease. The city has tables and chairs to use and with the upgrades to the kitchen the facil­ity is totally turn-key and event ready for whenever you need to host an event on the coast. It’s even equipped with a large retractable projection screen to show videos during presenta­tions. They even have a piano onsite for those who want to hire musicians to play live music.

“We have hosted many area govern­ment meetings here as well as train­ing seminars,” Gare said. “We’ve also hosted our Holiday Gift Fair and an­nual fundraiser dinners like our recent Parks and Rec. Dinner.”

Rockaway Beach is taking advan­tage of other TLT funds available for advertising the facility. He said the money spent is giving the city exposure in more densely populated areas while hitting the demographic they are try­ing to attract.

“Those funds have really paid off for us,” Gare said. “TLT has really gotten the communities working together to make sure the word gets out not only in Portland but through Social Media and the internet, the result is we are bringing events and venues to town and perpetuating the tax.”

It’s a good match according to Michel. “People love to come and enjoy the beach and need a space for a meeting or event,” She said. “With our Civic Facility, this gives them the venue they need.”


The city purchased a professional 10-burner stove and added a state-of-the-art ventilation hood so your caterer can prepare food onsite.

“This feature was paid for by the City of Rockaway Beach” Gare said. “Soon we will have a reach-in-freezer and we’re going to install a commercial dishwasher, and add some onsite cookware, this will be a fully class-one commercial kitchen facility capable to prepare meals for up to 150 people. TLT funds will be used for these purchases.”

With plenty of room to host your event, the upgrades to the kitchen, the location right in the heart of down­town, two huge public parking lots near by and parking on the street, this venue is a perfect setting to host about any event.


At a glance: Escape to the beach for your next meeting or celebration!

  • Great Location
  • Just One Block to the Beach
  • Many Nice Motels and Rental Houses Nearby
  • One Block from our Downtown with its Quaint Shops and Restaurants
  • A Wonderful Place for Meetings, Weddings and Family Gatherings Great Facility
  • 30’ x 40’ Meeting Room with Sliding Divider
  • Seats 150 Theater Style
  • Seats 100 at Long Tables
  • Seats 80 at Round Tables
  • 20’ x 12’ Seminar or Break-out Room
  • 30’ x 16’ Lobby & 18’ x 7’ Gallery

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