The Old Geezer: A wonderful life!

By Walt Trandum

Happy Anniversary honey!  I don’t know if this is even proper but I want to dedicate this “Old Geezer ” article to my sweetheart. Veterans of both good and bad times it has been a wonderful trip and she deserves all the credit.


Hard to believe it has been 65 years since a couple young people fell in love and made the decision to spend their lives together. Between them they had absolutely nothing that could be used to furnish a home or even cook a meal. The original plan was to live with some friends who had agreed to stand up for them at the wedding. They had a spare bedroom and it all sounded promising.

Walt Trandum

After a Friday evening wedding in a relatives living room the honeymoon called for a quick trip to Vancouver Canada and then it would be back to work on Monday. Everyone has heard of our $40.00 trip that included all of our food and gasoline plus a $6.00 motel and then an $8.00 fancier place in Vancouver the next night.


The living with friends thing didn’t work out and so we found an unfurnished little house and set about begging and borrowing everything we needed. It included paper drapes in the living room and lots of used things from family and friends that eventually made it pretty comfortable.


The next big adventure was being called up for active duty in the Submarine Navy. That brought about living in some old government housing in San Diego while I spent most of the time at sea. All that ended when the Korean war was over and we had to find ways to make a living. It was during what have been described as the “Fabulous 50’s” in the musical world but they were the struggling years for us and a lot of other young people who were raising kids and trying to improve their lives.


We ended up raising five very nice children and after a 25 year career in the business world we retired to our little piece of heaven in Wheeler. Now we can look back at 30 years of retirement and realize that you just can’t get to where we are from where we started. Sure glad we didn’t know that! Our five children, twelve grand children and eight soon to be nine great grand children are all pretty happy that it all worked out so well.


The secret is that through thick and thin we are still in love and it has been a wonderful life helping people who were in need get some enjoyment out of their own lives. It was discovered way back in the beginning that working with like minded people to improve the lot for those folks with special needs and to make things like cornea transplants available for everyone.  Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls and great camping trips for our family. The camp for deaf children and finding many friends in the deaf community were inspiring experiences. Assisting the wide range of services that the Lions Clubs provide makes those members some of our favorite people and we can only hope that it all goes on forever.


Happy 65th Anniversary and I Love you honey!

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