Lightning causes damage to homes in North County

Lightning from a massive storm that swept through the North Coast on March 1 damaged four homes in Nehalem Bay.

Photos by Hal McMahan
Photos by Hal McMahan

One home on Bayloop road was heavily damaged. Nehalem Bay Fire Chief, Perry Sherbaugh said, “A window was blown out. It blew out a wall. The walls were scorched. The gas lines were damaged and the house was full of propane gas at explosive limits when we arrived. We disconnected the gas lines, shut off the tanks and ventilated the house.”

Public Utilities District was nearby working on the storm damage and smelled smoke. They called the fire department at 7:46 p.m.

“I’m not sure if it was a single lightning strike or multiple strikes. The trees near the home had the bark stripped off, so lightning may have hit the trees first,” Sherbaugh said.

“Their were no injuries because the house was a second home and vacant.”

Earlier in the evening, at 5:20, the first call came in reporting damage to a home on the same street. Three other homes on that block were also damaged. One home had a window blown out; the second a phone box blown off and a third had a door blown off the hinges. None of the occupants were home at the time of the damage.

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