Kelley’s Place relocates; Pancake House closes

Kelley Cook made a decision recently.

By Brad Mosher
[email protected]

She closed The Pancake House restaurant in downtown Tillamook where she has been a fixture for local residents and tourists more than 16 years.

She also will be closing her namesake restaurant in Garibaldi March 30.

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Kelley’s Place will be reborn several weeks later when she opens the doors at her new location in the vacant Old Mill building.

Part of the reason for the move is that the building she has been leasing for the past five years on Highway 101 has been sold.

The Rockaway Beach resident will be merging the people and fixtures from the two locations into the new home next to one of the boat ramps. “We just decided to combine them into one place. They sold the building here in Garibaldi, so our lease was up on this one.

“So, we just decided to combine both restaurants into one,” she said.

“We are going to be over by the smokestack,” she added. “There used to a restaurant there years ago.”

Cook admitted that she was also concerned how business at the Pancake House would be impacted when the large state construction project begins. “It is going to be a challenge in town for a while,” she said about the downtown businesses.

The new location has more parking and is adjacent to the RV park, Cook said.

“We should get some walk-ins (from the RV park),” she said.

Kelley’s Place will be closing March 30 and then the move to the new location will start in earnest, she explained.

She admitted that it may take a couple of weeks to get it up and running at the new location.

The new Kelley’s will have a larger bar area and a slightly smaller dining area with a capacity for about 20 people, Cook said. “The bar is really big.”

The building has been empty for awhile, which means that Cook has to make sure it is brought up to code.

Cook has been giving her customers advanced notice about the move. “We have been telling people and getting the word out. We also will have some signs (on Highway 101),” she added. Cook said she is working with the City of Garibaldi to comply with the local sign ordinance.

She said that the menu is still a work in progress for the new location, in part because of a smaller kitchen. “We will probably be a little more limited than we are now (at Kelley’s Place), but I don’t foresee any changes yet.”

She may also add some picnic tables outside during the summer for people to use. “In the future, we may add a deck to it and make it into a beer garden,but that is in the future,” she said.

The business is a family business, she added. “Both of my daughters work with me.”

Cook said that when she is ready to open in the Old Mill building near the smokestack she will start letting people know that Kelley’s Place is back in business and ready for the customers.

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