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Success Stories: Garibaldi Charters makes fishing a ‘family affair’

By Brad Mosher

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Fishing is a family affair.

It has been for many de­cades at Garibaldi Charters.

And if Ty and Tamara Mautner have a say in it, it will stay that way for many years.

“Garibaldi Charters and D&D Charters used to be separate opera­tions back in the 1970’s. They merged at some point, and my grand­father even ran the char­ter boat “D&D II” out of this port back then.

“Then it was my parents’ business for 13 years,” Tamara said.

“My husband and I bought the busi­ness from my parents three years ago. This will be our fourth season coming up. We are getting ready to open for the season.”

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There already has been some growth in the business, she added. “Since we got it (the business), we have added another boat. And this year we are getting ready to add a guide boat. So we will have three large charter boats and one six-pack guide boat.

“We are also hoping to expand this summer into doing some bay tours and some crabbing trips. We are try­ing to make it a little more available for families – and especially families with younger kids,” she explained. “We want to get them out there and just experience the water a little bit.”

The charter business also offers whale watching trips several times during the year – in March during Spring Break. “We also have several eco-tours spread out throughout the summer. That is pretty much it for people with kids.”

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That is one area she said she’d like to see the business grow in the near future. “We want to give options to people who may not be quite ready to spend six hours out on the water.

“I think we’d have a lot of interest in it, we’d like to include that this year.”

“I have my captain’s license, so I would like to take some of those family trips myself, but mostly I am here in the office with my kids” said Tamara. In the past, she has worked as a guide boat captain in Alaska, a dive boat captain in Florida, as well as a charter boat captain in Oregon.

Although Mautner and her hus­band focus on running the office and keeping the boats and gear in top shape, the business is still a family affair, she said. “My dad runs (and owns) one of the boats. He may be selling that one to us in a few years,” she added. “My sister works for us here in the office. Ty handles the gear, boat, and engine mainte­nance. We like to keep it in the family. We all work really well together.”

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The business offers both half-day and full day fishing trips. “We have two of the fastest high volume charter boats in Garib­aldi,” she added, with pride. The business can take groups up to 20 on fishing trips.

The business has two large 43-foot boats – the Norwester and Alaska Sunrise – which can handle 20 passengers, while a third 36-footer named ‘The D&D’ can handle up to 16 pas­sengers, Mautner said.

The business offers a variety of trips for the fishermen, including a Light Tackle bottom fishing trip which takes six hours. The target on those trips is usually Black Rockfish, but the Ling Cod and crabs could also be part of the haul when the boat returns to the port. Accord­ing to Mautner, trips are available March through Oc­tober (weather permitting). As part of that package, the people also have their catch filleted and crabs cooked, she added.

“That is a good one for kids. We get a lot of requests for that. A lot of the people coming in from out of town want to do that trip,” she added.

For more adventurous fishermen, the business offers an eight-hour trip for some deep reef bottom fishing for Ling Cod.

The charter boats have heavy duty rods and reels to fish over 300 feet deep, but those trips are only avail­able in March and in October. The business will be heading out with charter boats March 10 if the ocean is calm enough, she said. “We are getting pretty booked on the week­ends for March because they cut off the deep reef March 31.”

Spring Break has only added to the business, she said. “We have more trips running during Spring Break because there is more demand for it.”

Among the other choices for the people wanting to go on a charter fishing trip, the business offers a six-hour Coho Salmon fishing trip and a 12-hour halibut trip to fish 800 feet down at Halibut Hill, more than 20 miles off the coast.


One of the most popular trips comes in late July when Albacore tuna comes close to the coast, accord­ing to Mautner. “We are the southern­most port on the Oregon coast that offers live bait tuna fishing, which has become really popular in the past 10 years,” said Tamara. “People come to the coast from all over to get out on a live-bait tuna trip, because fishing for tuna is such a blast!”

“Our main focus now is with the fishing. That is where we are making our living,” she added, noting that she is looking for additional opportunities to add to the list of trips or services the company is offering.

Garibaldi Charters is already busy booking up their calendar for the summer, so if you would like more in­formation, feel free to give them a call at 503-322-0007 or check out their website at

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