Bring out your best with a super easy paleo cooking class

Want to try paleo but don’t know where to start? Or you’re eating paleo but have a very limited selection of recipes to choose from and want to expand your horizons?  Come join Dana Zia on March 20 at 3 p.m. at North Fork 53 and learn some stupid easy paleo recipes that you can pull out of your hat at the drop of a hat.

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We will be focusing on getting started eating paleo and how to do it. We will also learn many tricks to making the paleo diet work in a busy household. You will help cook the fundamental basics to keep on hand at home to make life simple, delicious and healthy! Then we will eat it! Guilt-free and feeling great. This class is sure to inspire you to eat healthier and change your life just in time for spring. It will take all the mystery out of this brilliant and bountiful way of eating! Spring forward into your best possible self.

Grab your spot now as this class will be small so you can learn more in the 3 hours we will be together. The price is $55 per person using all organic and locally sourced meats and a meal to boot!  If you have any questions please email or call Dana Zia, [email protected] or at 503-812-5244.

Dana Zia has been cooking and eating paleo for over five years now and loves how it makes her feel. She has a popular paleo blog “Cavewoman Café” that she shares many over her recipes that she has developed over at She also writes about her favorite subject, food, for the North Coast Citizen and the Tillamook Headlight Herald.

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