Williams to files for Tillamook County Commissioner Position #1

I, Belinda Williams, am running for Tillamook County Commissioner Position #1. I am a local business owner, wife and mother of four. I am experienced in managing budgets, collaborating with different peoples, managing projects and working to create value. I actively participate in politics on a national, state and local level. I am eager to learn and I love a challenge.

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I moved to Tillamook County because this is where I want to raise my children: in a small, hard-working community where people know each other and pull together to accomplish goals. The work ethic and community focus found here are the kinds of values I want to instill in them. Immediately upon my arrival in Tillamook County I became involved in community organizations, building my business and I currently serve on the Tillamook County Parks Advisory Committee.

I have this dream that my children and grandchildren will remain in Tillamook County with me because Tillamook County provides attractive options for them and their families. In order to make this dream a reality, not just for my family, but others as well, we need a vibrant economy with living wage jobs, affordable housing and sound infrastructure. We also need to preserve our heritage and legacy, and to manage our resources with the responsibility they are due. We need approachable leadership who fight for all the people of Tillamook County. We need leaders who work to preserve the uniqueness of our various communities while, at the same time, drawing us together as a cohesive whole.

I have often heard of Tillamook County referred to as ‘just a large family.’ I firmly believe that. This means we need to treat each other with the love, respect and courtesy family is due. To brush injustice under the rug just because ‘we are family’ or because ‘this is the way we have always done it’ is unacceptable. Family means taking the high road, the harder road, and doing what is right even when it hurts. This will ensure that the needs of all community members are met, our resources are respected and every voice is heard.

I know the people of this county and I have seen how passionate they are for this beautiful place we call home. They are amazing people with fantastic ideas who need to realize that their local leadership is not there to tell them what to do, it is there to listen to them and pull different ideas together to form a brilliant future.

As your Commissioner, I will be that voice. I will work with the other commissioners, county departments, communities and citizens to lead Tillamook County with a focus on fiscal responsibility and creating a viable future. I am not afraid to fight for what I believe is right, and what is right for the citizens and visitors of Tillamook County. I need your help to do this. I am asking for your vote to lead you as your County Commissioner.

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