The Old Geezer: Hello to the world

My old computer finally bit the dust.  It never got over the notice that the manufacturers had announced they would no longer provide backup for their products that kept it working..My new machine is a laptop, but I doubt I will be doing much work with it perched in that position.  I see in the news that PC sales are down, so maybe this will be the last of it’s kind.  I can’t imagine typing on a smart phone.  Just talking on the phone is probably what I should doing.

By Walt Trandum

Walt Trandum

All that along with a huge overload of information stored there in, made the move to new equipment necessary.  Typing on a little key board with these crusty old fingers is a challenge that I may never be comfortable with.  Wish I had my old Selectric or even the manual Underwood that got me started in this typing world. The bad thing is that just dropping my thumb in the wrong place wipes out everything that has been entered.


I would guess that things are a lot different these days   Back in my .working days I was the only person in our office other than the secretaries who had a typewriter in my office.   I did have a secretary who would type what I had roughed out.  ..Once in awhile she would make a mistake and I would tactfully inform her that she had invented a new word.  She would smile through gritted teeth as she produced the corrected copy.  Memorandums were the measure of how productive you might be, or how creative you might be.  They also provided a track of your activities and decision you made on day to day tasks.



This whole communications business is remarkable.  I am sure that the young people do not realize how fantastic it is that we send messages and images around the world in the blink of an eye.  In some ways this instant knowledge actually works against us. This crazy stuff that has been happening in eastern Oregon is a good example.  No matter what the merits are of the event, the media stories kick in and that fuels the flames and the imaginations of every malcontent who thinks they should throw their own weight into the fray.  Freedom of speech is something we all have and should protect,however it can be very dangerous if abused.


I guess the staying in touch capabilities that we have probably are the best part of this information blitz that we live with now.  One of our kids was showing me their new smart phone and demonstrated how you could instantly have another person on the line with the answer for any question they could imagine.. I allowed that it was indeed pretty amazing, but we had that same thing way back when I was a kid.  You picked up the phone and a voice said “Operator”  Depending on how big your community was, she knew everything about everybody.