Old Geezer: No dust!

By Walt Trandum

For many years before we moved to this area we would drive down to the park at Barview in February and it was like a mini vacation. Relief from the rigors of the corporate world and it was never crowded. The weather was either sunny and warm or just plain miserable. If we got lucky we would have one day of each.

Walt Trandum

I know that the current weather is the most often matter for discussions with local friends and neighbors. My usual remark when folks complain about rain is: “I think it is just super because there is no dust!”


Just about every day we can see people all over the nation putting up with terrible winds and rain. Areas where they have been living with severe droughts can experience floods that give them their much-needed water much quicker than what the land can absorb. If the water doesn’t drown them it ruins all of their belongings. I always wonder what happens to all of those cars and trucks that are under water. I have heard that many of them are cleaned up and shipped to parts of the country or the world where there is little moisture,


I remember the time that I bought a very nice newly painted pickup from a dealer in Olympia Washington. It didn’t run too bad, but you had to shift into second gear to get over a speed bump in a parking lot. One day I found some papers and what looked like sea sand under the seat that proved the vehicle had been imported from a seaside town in the state of Maine. When I finally bothered to look underneath the truck it was a mass of rust and looked pretty much worn out. I sold it for much less than what I paid for my nice looking bad piece of transportation. Not sure how much service the new owner got before it broke in two.


We had a bit of a flood last month right here in Wheeler. The stream that runs through the middle of town overflowed and put our Post Office out of business. There are some other businesses in town that often experience water in their basements. They can blame the builders back in the previous century for erecting those structures in the area they occupy. The current owners have learned to live with the situation and I have never heard of any mold or other drastic results from such occurrences. I am told that some Post Office official has determined that there is a health issue and the owner is hard pressed to come up with the money to do the extensive repairs they deem necessary. Meanwhile we have to drive to Nehalem for our post office business. There are no boxes and we go to the counter to request our mail. The folks there are friendly but often we wait in line while other people are sending packages or buying money orders. They also close for a half hour for lunch and that sometimes is inconvenient for the Wheeler people who are used to getting their mail during the noon hour.


Today our weather changed back to the winter mode after a couple of days in the 70’s. It did bring the daffodils out of the ground and in spite of the rain we do look a bit like spring. I know that some people are anxious to get out and plant their gardens, but we are surely a month or more before that would be the thing to do. One big rose bush in our yard has been blooming all winter, just hope we don’t get a hard frost that might kill it.


With nothing more than weather and missing our Post Office to worry about, we are pretty fortunate. Watching the political scene on television reminds me how lucky we are to be out of that arena these days. The politics at both the State and Federal level are pretty remote from our little hamlet on the left coast. Things that happen on that level have something in common with the weather that I have been mentioning. There is not much we can do about either one of them. We do vote and use our voice in that manner, but chances that we make much of a difference are questionable. The only really good thing is that there just isn’t any dust!

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