Jetty Creek Fish Passage Restoration Project Management

The Lower Nehalem Watershed Council (LNWC) requires the services of a consultant to perform project management activities for the Jetty Creek Fish Passage Restoration project. LNWC is undertaking the project in partnership with the City of Rockaway Beach to improve fish passage at their municipal water treatment facility on Jetty Creek. The project will address fish passage at the City’s impoundment by constructing a natural channel that will bypass the raw water storage pond and intake. The project will also expand the City’s raw water storage pond and install a fish screen at the site of the City’s point of diversion. The scope of work for this project will include planning and communication, working closely with the project’s engineer on design and bid solicitation, contract development, construction oversight, and project administration.

Proposal documents may be obtained electronically from the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council beginning February 10 by contacting [email protected]. To obtain a hard copy of proposal documents, proposers should contact Lower Nehalem Watershed Council at [email protected]. Hard copies of proposal documents shall be available for a nonrefundable fee of $10 per set and obtained from Lower Nehalem Watershed Council, 278 Rowe Street, Suite 220, Wheeler, OR 97147. Proposal documents and specifications will be available until February 19, 2016.

Proposals shall be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, February 19.

For general questions about the project, contact Alix Lee at Lower Nehalem Watershed Council, [email protected] or (503) 368-7424. More information can be found by visiting

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