Hooping it up! Year of Wellness Makes Community Connections, Success Stories


Just a little over 30 days into Tillamook County’s Year of Wellness, and there are already success stories. Here are comments from a participant, shared with a YOW volunteer:

“Heading out to another mid-morning movers class at the YMCA, a water workout class. I started doing these last week and I’m loving it! I received a 75 percent scholarship for a membership, and mom and dad paid the remaining for a Christmas gift. I need to strengthen my legs and lose weight so I can have a much needed knee replacement surgery and to get healthier. This is a long journey and I’m off on a great start.”

Participants in the YOW Challenge, are probably becoming more aware of their health habits, and even be noticing some positive changes in how they look and feel.  “We would love to hear those stories and feature some of them on the YOW News page to help inspire others who are working toward making their own healthier habits,” said YOW coordinator Michelle Jenck.

How has the YOW already impacted your life. Did you quit smoking? How did you do it?  Lost weight? What were some of the ways you stayed on track with eating healthier and getting more exercise?  Cooking more meals at home?  Are there any tips you can share with others?

Added Jenck, “Remember, if you aren’t seeing the successes you had hoped for, keep in mind that this is a gradual process.  We won’t be successful every day and that’s okay.  The important thing is to stay positive, set achievable goals, celebrate those small victories, and share your success with others.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 3.42.33 PM
Commissioner Bill Baertlein

Let the Hula Hooping Begin ….
Commissioner Bill Baertlein has been “practicing” and has issued several hula hoop challenges. Watch his hula hoop challenge video on the Tillamook County Year of Wellness 2016 Facebook page, or go to this YouTube link, “We encourage everyone to start hooping it up,” said DeAnna Pearl, YOW Task Force member and Hula Hoop cheerleader. “This is a way for us to get everyone moving and show how much fun we can have to get healthy.” Now, it’s up to you Tillamook County, throw down and show off your hula hooping skills, and hoop it up with your community. Share your videotape with your challenge on our Facebook page.

Join us for the Year of Wellness to make Tillamook County a happy, healthy place. For weekly healthy recipes, tips, resources, wellness challenge, and more, go to or visit your local library branch. Together, we are the solution.

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