Alder Creek Farm Community Garden

Alder Creek Farm Community Garden kicks off its 2016 season this month.

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This is the 10th year of the Community Garden operation at the farm and

community members are welcome to join the team.

The program is focused on teaching organic gardening in a coastal climate and growing food for use as well as sharing with the North County Food Bank.

Garden kick off is set for Saturday, Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the farm.

Garden members commit to three hours of volunteer work per week, pay a nominal fee, and learn techniques for growing fruit and vegetables in our maritime climate.

A traditional row garden is grown as well as a permaculture application that can be integrated into a home landscape for an ornamental and edible approach to gardening. Gardeners should be physically capable to bend, stretch, and occasionally

lift 25 pounds, but there jobs that don’t require as much demanding capability.

Community members who are interested in joining the garden team are encouraged to visit or contact the Trust to learn more about the program.

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