AAUW of Tillamook honors students

Senior young women from Tillamook, Neahkanie and Nestucca School Districts were honored by AAUW at a reception on February 21 at TBCC.


STEM teachers submitted names of students who are high achievers in science, math or technology.

Co-chairs, Jean Scholtz and Kris Lachenmeier, presented a program for AAUW members to hear from the honorees about their achievements and future goals in STEM fields.

Stacy Jensen (of Near Space Corporation in Tillamook) along with University students Brittney Main and Staci Sherer, both of Tillamook, spoke as a panel about their experiences in math and engineering in college and the work force. Brittany and Staci are past recipients of AAUW scholarships.

The Tillamook High School honorees were Jane Yeoman (Science), Jennifer Verdin (Technology) and Ken Poblador (Math).

Neah-Kah-Nie High School honorees were Samanthan Norregard (Science), Kelsey Nelson (Technology) and Alaina Holm (Math).

Miranda White (Science), Thelma Chavarin Gutierrez (Technology) and Jillian Wilkinson (Math) attend Nestucca Valley High School.

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