Tillamook County’s recycling and recovery rate 2014

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has released the official calculation of Tillamook County’s recycling and recovery rate for the year 2014. Tillamook County generated 30,754 tons of waste, and achieved a recovery rate of 33.8 percent.

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Tillamook County Solid Waste Program Manager David McCall said: “While our total recovery rate of nearly 34 percent is commendable, and on par with the national average, we still need to strive for increased waste prevention, reuse, and recycling. Every pound of waste which we don’t produce is waste which we don’t have to handle, and every pound of waste which we divert from the landfill saves our county money in disposal costs. We are still sending over 20,000 tons of waste to the landfill near Corvallis every year, which means a lot in transportation and disposal costs. It is my goal to reduce that quantity to about 15,000 tons, which would translate into a 50 percent diversion rate. This is economically realistic and feasible.”

The full 2014 Oregon Material Recovery and Waste Generation Rates Report is available on the DEQ Web site at

For more details about the Tillamook County results or recycling in general, please contact the Tillamook County Solid Waste Department at or call 503-815-3975.