The Terwilliger View Neighborhood

The Terwilliger View neighborhood in Rockaway would like to extend our
sincere appreciation for the great assistance we received when our road
washed out in December. Big heartfelt thanks to:

– Rusty Taylor, of Rusty B. Taylor Construction was our trusted consultant!
Thank you Rusty for your concern, assistance, advice and friendship.

-Liane Welch, and her amazing, hard working (long hours spent!) crew
from the Tillamook County Public Works Dept. They were immediately on
site with solutions, knowledge and compassion making it possible to have
power and water restored within a few days. Not only were we amazed
that you could do three things at once; we loved your professionalism.
-John O’Leary, Garibaldi City Manager, took time to drive over and check
on us. He provided expert oversight of the Garibaldi water supply and
made sure we quickly had service. Thank you John!

-Bill Baertlein, Tillamook County Commissioner, made an uplifting and
appreciated personal visit to the site.

-Tillamook PUD for quickly restoring power.

-ODOT crews for all their clean up work along Highway 101.