TBCC recognizes honors students for Fall 2015

Tillamook Bay Community College is proud to recognize the following students for their outstanding academic achievement during Fall Term 2015. To qualify for the TBCC Honors List a student must achieve at least a 3.5 GPA, have completed a minimum 12 credit hours during the current term and be seeking a degree.


Ty Elliott, Stephanie Rodriguez, Ashley Reeves, Kelsey Nelson, Andrea Joynson, Abby Creasy, Raychel Fults, Jessica Mason, Rebecca Clifton, Charles Gaspar, Jesse Anderson, Trina Vogel, Jerad Barnes, Mckenzie Bartlette, Kelsey Filosi, Gregory Crawford, Jacob Wingate, Kenia Gracia, Jamey Sherman, Perla Gracia, Michael Brammer, Ramon Ponce Olivera, Monica Valencia, Scott Rocha, Trista Heeding, Ryan Giles, Amber Gibson, Nicole Martin, Hadasa     Garcia, Macy O’Donnell, Garet Neal, Jose Arreola, Eli Pesterfield, Havilah Patching, Jason Krumwiede, Renee Parsons, Stephen Dyrnes, Angelica Acosta, Brent Rocha, Autumn Jungling, Matthew   Bringman, Philippe Josi, Dakota Pierce, Lauren Burr.