Register NOW for Year of Wellness Challenge #1

The Year of Wellness kickoff events were well-attended, and now it’s time for everyone to get “in.”

The registration period for the YOW Wellness Challenge is through Jan. 8. Go online now to register – or visit your local library branch for more information.


“Together we are the solution” and the wellness challenge is structured to provide a positive way to track health improvements, and compete for great prizes and awards. The Year of Wellness is a dynamic, countywide effort to improve the overall health of Tillamook County’s residents and reduce the impacts of chronic illnesses.

At the Tillamook Library kickoff, Tillamook County Commissioner Bill Baertlein “hooped it up”, showing off his hula-hooping capabilities, and challenges all the city mayors to “jump through the hoop” or hula hoop it up to show that their cities are “in” for the Year of Wellness. Check out the Tillamook County Year of Wellness Facebook page for more hula hoop challenges to come. You don’t have to jump through hoops to achieve health and wellness. Just making some small easy changes, like eating more vegetables, making healthier choices, increasing physical activity, drinking more water and getter more sleep and you’ll feel a difference in your overall well-being.

Are you In? Register now for the YOW Wellness Challenge, and hoop it up with your community to make Tillamook County a happy, healthy place.